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You can View the ICONS VI – 2014 Report From here


Letter from the Director

SCARF supports the Initiative for “Including a specific mental illness target and related indicators in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”  Read More

How your organization can help

Below are 4 action steps for your organization and please pass / share as the more voices, the better  Read More

A great beginning: Mental Health Café

An Initiative of SCARF to discuss your views on mental health. Read More

ICONS VI – 2014 Report 


Dementia is a brain disease that causes long-term and gradual decrease in the ability to think and remember events or people such that daily functioning is affected. Dementia is common in very elderly people and it is not part of normal aging. About 10% of people suffer from Dementia. Almost, 3% of people between the age group 65-74 and 19% between 75 and 84 develop Dementia. Educating and providing emotional support to the caregiver is important. SCARF has started a new Dementia Care and Resource Centre at Greams Road for training and rehabilitation purpose. The Dementia Memory Clinic runs on every Thursday ( 9.30 am to 12 pm). Call 044 2615 1073/ 2615 3971 for appointments or email: or visit