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SCARF supports the Initiative for “Including a specific mental illness target and related indicators in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”

Letter from the Director

Additional Documents

Letter to country

letter to Governments 

Policy briefing paper Mental health 

Editorial – Graham Thronicroft & Vikram Patel 

Editorial – Trevor Jackson

Fundamentalist Press Release 

How your organization can help

Below are 4 action steps for your organization and please pass / share as the more voices, the better:

Step 1

Send a letter on your organization’s letterhead to your Health minister/ Secretary of Health in support of this initiative or download at

Step 2

Show your support on the website: support.html and / or send an e-mail to letting them know your organization is on board.

Step 3

Like the Facebook page and share with friends and family at

Step 4

Tweet: We must include mental health in United Nations Post Millennium Development Goals. There is no #health without #mentalhealth @FundamentalSDG @UN #FundaMentalSDG (note – if on September 10th, add #WSPD).




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