Considering the awareness of mental health issues is still poor, SCARF has used many strategies to address this

Public education



Body & Mind Lecture Series

There is a significant increase in health concerns globally in recent times and there is an urgent need to improve awareness about it. While physical health issues get addressed in several avenues of awareness creation, the associated mental health issues and the body-mind interface doesn’t get highlighted. Addressing mental health issues that co-exist with most lifestyle diseases and influence their course is a key factor in the successful management of most conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Migraine, bronchial asthma and acid peptic disease to mention a few.

To address this specifically, SCARF has launched a lecture series named “Body Mind Spirit” which will highlight the role of body and mind on each other in health and disease. In each 2 hour session, short lectures by relevant medical specialists and mental health professionals will be followed by interactive discussion with the panelists.

Mental Health Cafe

It facilitates informal discussion on mental health issues over coffee.

Into The Mind

How would you portray positive mental health in a single frame? How would you explore mental health issues including anxiety, stress or depression? That’s the challenge here!

Art is an expression of self and sometimes words fail to express how we feel inside. It can be difficult for most of us to express what we might be going through. Photography is a platform to express oneself. In today’s modern world, 90% of the population has a good sense of photography and many are able to capture the images that reflect their take on this world. Martin Rogan, CEO Mental Health Ireland said, that “photography competition creates a platform for discussion that provokes and evokes a deeper conversation”. So here’s your chance to display your true self through photographs!

Around the world, May 24 is marked as “World Schizophrenia Day” To signify this day, We have received 44 submissions in total, Which is a good start for the first edition in the year 2019 to voice out by participating in the contest “Into the Mind”. After all, A single picture can speak a thousand words.