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SCARF in collaboration with SAMARTH conducted a Workshop on Basic Epidemiology & Social Science Research from 26th.This four and half a day workshop saw the some of the finest faculties of Epidemiology and in the Research field. Nearly 40 members from different parts of the country attended the workshop. Dr. Sathiasekaran, Professor from SRMCI, Porur started off by explaining the basics of epidemiology and then followed by Dr.Sarada Suresh, pediatrician, President of Samarth discussed in depth about the case control studies in research designs. Dr.Jawahar spoke on the Randomized control trials and the methods to progress in a research. Dr. Vishali Jeyaseelan, Biostatistitian , BRTC, CMC, Vellore explained the audience the application of statistics and the different types of statistics. The Ethics in research was touched upon by Dr.George Thomas from St.Isabells Hospital, Chennai. The other faculties were Dr. Shuba Kumar, Social Scientist, Samarth, Dr.Rani Mohanraj, Psychologist, Samarth, Dr. R. Thara, Director, SCARF, Dr. Padmavati, Psychiatrist, SCARF and Dr. Hema Tharoor, Psychiatrist,SCARF. The workshop ended with a demonstration of NVIVO software majorly used for qualitative research purposes. Each day ended with a group work.
November 2013 to 30th November 2013 at SCARF, M.K. TATA Memorial Auditorium.

About the Workshop
In view of the valuable contributions to health research that Epidemiology and Social Science Research have to offer, the need to expand knowledge and understanding of this science among health care professionals is critical. Through a collaborative partnership between Samarth- an NGO working in the field of social science research and training in Chennai – and SCARF- an organization actively engaged in mental health research and providing care and rehabilitation for the mentally ill- a series of workshops will be conducted that aim to equip health and other related professionals with the skills required to conduct independent research.


Objectives of the Workshop 
More specifically the workshop will enable participants to understand:

  • The principles of epidemiology
  • The characteristics of different quantitative research designs
  • Analytical principles associated with each of these designs
  • The theory and conduct of qualitative research.
  • The uses of qualitative research and techniques
  • Qualitative data management and analysis
  • Issues in protocol development
  • Critical appraisal skills

Eligible Applicants 
Researchers in medical, social and behavioural sciences, post-graduate/Ph.D students with a medical or social science background, NGOs working in the health and development sector and any other interested professional wanting to undertake health related research would benefit from participating in this workshop

Duration, Workshop Dates and Venue
The workshop is for 4 ½ days and will be conducted from 26th to 30th November 2013. The workshop venue is the SCARF premises located on, R-7A North Main Road, Anna Nagar West (Extn.), Chennai- 600 101, Tamil Nadu, India

Workshop Cost
The workshop is priced at Rs. 4,000 per person. Each participant will be provided with detailed course material which will include the power point presentation of the speakers, adequate reading material and practical exercises. Lunch and beverages for the duration of the workshop will also be provided.

Our Contact
For further details please contact us at
Samarth, New No. 100, (Old No. 11), Warren Road
Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004
Phone: +91 44 45010070