Schizophrenia is a neurobiological disorder which has a long chronic course with relapses and exacerbations interspaced with remissions. It needs prolonged care which includes not just medicines but also vocational rehabilitation. The person with schizophrenia may need a break from his routine in the acute phase of the illness. However once the acute phase is over it is very important that the person is helped to return to his normal routine at the earliest. Those with shorter duration of illness and are treated early can resume their previous routines after a short period of convalescence like any other physical illness. However those with long duration of untreated illness have difficulty in doing so. They may need support for staying in employment . In several instances their ability to execute their previous jobs might be impaired. They may need alternate employment with lesser responsibilities.Several persons with schizophrenia who are on regular treatment are also well employed in several capacities. However they are under constant fear that they may lose their jobs if their employers come to know about their illness. While such instances do happen, most of them function so well that their employers see no difference between them and other workers.While mental health professionals help and assist persons with mental illnesses in overcoming their symptoms and make them feel better, it is employers who improve their self esteem and confidence and help them to restore their rightful place in the society. This calls for great compassion and understanding on the part of the employers to help such persons. SCARF has been lucky in its association with many such employers who have given an opportunity for several persons with mental illnesses to work in their organizations and return to productive life.

In 2011,  We  instituted the ‘ SCARF Aadhar Awards’ for supportive employers who have given job opportunities to  our clients. Mr.K.Pandiayrajan, M.L.A., Founder CIOSA and the Managing Director of the Sornammal Educational Trust gave away the The SCARF Aadhar awards to the following seven employers in 2011.

Mr. Arun – IOC Petrol Bunk, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Mr. Kumar – GDB offset Printers

Ms.Ratnachibber – Kromatics

Mr.Yusuf – Ozone Sterlized Gauze

Ms.Meena Dhadre – Mukthi Foundation

Mr.Paul Henry – Able Printers

Mr.Kirubaharan –  The Jute Shop