Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for Dementia: Pilot Studies of Acceptability and feasibility of cultural adaptation for India

SCARF – Media Awards, 2014-2015

SCARF & Press Institute of India (PII) instituted awards for Mental Health Reporting in 2014. This is primarily to encourage more journalists to write on mental health related issues in an attempt to reduce the stigma in the society.

Scarf Research Impact 2014

In the recent publication “A scientometric analysis of Indian research output in medicine during 1999–2008”   brought out by the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine , SCARF has been designated as one of the  top 11 Medical Research Foundations in India.

SCARF was ranked 4 on H-index (research impact rating) of 13 which is quite a credible achievement for a single specialty, lone centre organization.  For example in comparison the whole of the University of Madras has a H-index rating of 17.

SCARF was also ranked 4 when the average number of citation for a publication (4.14) was calculated this again attests to the impact of its research.

SCARF is also the only organization working in the area of mental health that figures in the list.

Source: B. M. Gupta & Adarsh Bala “A scientometric analysis of Indian research output in medicine during 1999–2008” in Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine , January,  Vol 2, Issue1, 2011

Announcing SCARF-PII media awards for 2013

All published stories on Mental health during the calendar  year 2013 are eligible.Entries can be sent to SCARF. All regional language entrie should be accompanied by a good English translations.

Last date for entries: Jan 30, 2014.